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500% more traffic on your website

March 15 2014

Let us do the hard work building quality social bookmarks to your website and you will see increase of traffic and sales very soon. Social signals are very important in google rankings after latest updates.


Social bookmarking is the latest trend and a very powerful tool to have your webpage get that extra boost to increase your ranking on google and increase your page rank. We at Social Maximizer, provide professional help to help your content travel across popular social bookmarking sites and get you popular.

So let us first see what social bookmarking is. Social bookmarking can be defined as a centralized online service helping web users to add, edit, annotate and share bookmarks of web documents. Tagging is a feature which is commonly used in social bookmarking systems which enable users to organize their bookmarks in flexible ways and develop shared vocabularies called folksonomies. There is a difference in social bookmarking when compared to file sharing as bookmarking does not save the entire content instead the reference point or bookmarks with an idea of the resource, helping the viewer to understand about it without wasting time to download. The descriptions can take the form of text comments or tags. The links which you want to remember or share are saved to web pages chronologically which are usually public or in closed networks in private domains. Web feeds are generally provided by social networking services for the lists of bookmarks, including lists organized by tags, allowing subscribers to check out for the new bookmarks as they get saved, tagged and shared by other users. This helps in bringing about collaboration with other social book markers promoting your site.

Benefits of using social bookmarking is immense, and a main reason why you should consider social bookmarking is that it drives more web traffic to your sites. This enhances more visits by potential customers to your website and drive in more business. The popularity of your website gets people more interested in checking out your articles, web posts helping to increase sales. Social Bookmarking increases the visibility and branding promoting your site among millions out there and giving more than a ten fold increase in viewers and if you have good content you find that several other users will link to your content, helping to increase your rankings in search engines and it is a best way to dominate google results.

Social bookmarking helps like minded persons to come together and create new communities of users which continue to influence the ongoing evolution of folkomy based tool for research. It helps you to get perspectives of other users who are researching on a topic even though they are not connected to the primary topic. The ideas of social bookmarking is working its way into other applications as well such as multimedia files and emails. Tagging information resources with keywords has the potential on how we store and find information. Social bookmarking sites are been used as intelligent search engines.

For business entrepreneurs social bookmarking sites aid business. It helps in content to be organized properly. By tagging through key words it helps sites to boost productivity and help people to spend more time analyzing information than searching, social bookmarking makes it easy to share links within companies, helping exchange and diffusion of ideas. Thus a business can be promoted by doing so.

Social Maximizer is a professional bookmarking service, we go all the way to help you in adding your webpages to bookmarking sites and we guarantee a quality job at competitive rates to boost your business , blogs etc. As social booking could be time consuming as you need to create individual accounts for submission, you can leave the job to us and we would save your precious time. All you need to do is sign up and enter the page you wish to submit. The rest is our service for you. We provide you with very flexible ordering options to make submission to entire lists or selected favourite lists and our services start from as little as $5. You have everything simplified and it is a one minute process where you just sign up login to your account and enter the url of website and select the pages you like. You will have ral time basis reports to track what is being done including links to the exact page on the site where you can find your listing.

Social maximizer provides tremendous value for money, we have our rewards program as well and the least expensive in the trade with just 19 cents per submission.

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Traffic increases after social bookmarking:

500% more traffic on your website
500% more traffic on your website
500% more traffic on your website
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